About Us

Fusion Fables was established for writers to come together to harness the fusion of collaboration and community. This is the space where innovation can be allowed to exceed beyond the power of one mind. Join our community, and allow this intuitive platform to springboard your narratives to unimagined realms.

Meet the Team

Eric Easthope

Eric Easthope is a web developer from Pflugerville, TX. He has prior experience in public accounting and maintains an active CPA license. He spends his free time playing games with his family and friends, and enjoys music, puzzles, and traveling.

Elizabeth Olsavsky

Combining her experience as a former teacher and her unwavering dedication to the world of technology, Elizabeth is a driven aspiring developer fueled by a deep hunger for knowledge. Join her on her journey.

Hunter Hester

Hunter Hester is a aspiring web developer based out of Austin, Texas that has prior experience with IT Automation. In his freetime he's interested in Voice Acting and Rock Climbing.

Brian Hamlin

With a solid background in network administration and system administration, Brian aspires to become a proficient developer, combining his technical expertise and innovative mindset to shape the future of technology.

Ryan Messett

Ryan thrive's on pushing boundaries and embracing the excitement of life. Originally from Colorado, his happy place usually involves mountains. Ryan currently resides in Austin, TX where you can find him trying to stay out of the heat.

Chris McNamara

New York native with a passion for music. Chris has found comfort and excitement in software development that he has seldom found in other career paths. In his free time you can find Chris playing guitar and walking his dog Ruby around the neighborhoods of North Austin.